Upside Down in Pakistan – Thai Girl in Hunza (Part-I)

Pakistan, a country that just from the name might look scary for many due to the wrong perception. For a long time, it included me as well. If you ask what inspired me to visit Pakistan, the answer is that I read a review thread with a topic heading “Why to visit Pakistan?”

The curiosity pushed me into reading it and I was even more curious to know about this country. What could be Pakistan good for? And then the images I got to see on various websites. I never believed that this was remotely any beautiful place.  The questions in the next section were Is it dangerous to visit Pakistan? How do you go there? So I read the topic thoroughly. When I finish reading, I can conclude with a short sentence. We will go to Pakistan to see the picture with our own eyes. That same day, we started planning a trip. Pakistan immediately. Whether it’s a parenting trip, a visa, a visa, we assume that if you want to do something, then hurry to do today. Because we can not know that. Tomorrow with the future? What will come first?

So, I explored the topic thoroughly and when I was finished reading, I could easily conclude that I wanted to see this country. I will go to Pakistan to see the picture with my own eyes.

That same day, I started planning a trip and collecting as much information as possible. Why was I in such a hurry? I believe that if you want to do something, then you better hurry to do today. Because we can not know what tomorrow will bring?  What will be the future? What will come first?

The biggest problem was telling my mom. Imagine explaining to a mother as her only daughter who wants to go to Pakistan, a country that’s name only she has heard.

Luckily, this is where father came to rescue. He had a friend who knew about Hunza valley and Pakistan. My father was okay with me traveling to Pakistan because apparently, he knew about tourism in this region but my mom was scared. My father assured me that it is not dangerous to go and I can plan my trip to this beautiful country.

Finally, I applied for a first entry visa. Here in Thailand, it is not that difficult to find a Pakistani visa request, it takes only 3-5 days. But you must have a Letter of Intern (LOI) that you have to ask from your local tour company in Pakistan and they can send it to you. We went to the Embassy of Pakistan in Thailand which is next to Bumrungrad Hospital. You pay visa fee at Krung Thai Bank not far from the embassy itself. Pay the fee and return it to visa counter, and you will receive the appointment for the next 3-5 days. I got mine in 3 days.

It is recommended to go to Pakistan in a friend group. Make your trip of around two weeks or you can push further if want to see more place. You would be very glad to have the opportunity to go to Pakistan. It’s indeed a lovely country, both places, and people. In my next post, I would like to write about my tour to tourists who are planning on visiting this country. What should not miss to read it!

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Story originally covered for The Puffin House

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