Finding Cure for Cancer in Hunza Apricot Kernels – The Mystery of Vitamin B17

Dr. Ernst Theodore Krebs, Jr. (May 17, 1911 – September 8, 1996) has been the pioneer of finding out organic ways of treating cancer in the modern age. His quest began in 1950 when he presented the idea that vitamin B17 can be a great cure for cancer. In his publications, he mentioned how people of the Hunza valley remained safe from cancer. He suggested that the Hunzukutz use apricot kernels in large amounts, a dry fruit that is one of the best sources of vitamin B17.

Dr. Ernest Krebs claimed that usage of vitamin B17, cancer can not only be reduced from further spreading but can also be cured completely. However, the theory by Dr. Kerbs remains controversial with many modern day doctors rejecting his claims.

The whole theory that vitamin B17 cures cancer is based on the fact that, according to Krebs, cancer is a disease caused by improper vitamin and mineral intake in the organism.

It is a fact that modern men and women have more chances of having cancer compared to the primitive cultures in the past. As one of the possible explanations, Dr. Krebst outlines the data that ancient tribes had totally different dietary habits.

Quoting an example of the Hunza valley on intake of vitamin B17 through apricot kernels, Dr. Kerbst writes:

For example, the people of Hunza (Hunzukutz) consume 250 mg to 300 mg of vitamin B17 daily, unlike average Europeans or Americans who consume about 2 mg of this vitamin daily, through industrially processed food.


Hunza is an ancient tribe settled in the north of Pakistan, and its people live up to 100 years or even more. Cancer is practically unknown disease for these people. The reason for this is that Hunza people eat apricot kernels every day, since it is their most popular fruit and part of their everyday diet.


Hunza tribe’s wealth is measured by the amount of apricot trees. He who has more of this tree stumps, considered the richest, because dried apricot seeds are special food containing vitamin B17.

Until his death in 1996, Dr. Ernst T. Krebs argued on his claims of curing cancer through vitamin B17.

There is no authentic scientific proof that the longevity of people of Hunza in early times was related to consumption of larger amounts of apricot products like apricot oil, apricot kernels and other Hunza foods that included apricot ingredients in some way — however, many people in the west who had life changing experience from Dr. Ernert’s findings, support his claims.

It must be noted that the Hunza diet has tremendously changed over the time.  What used to be 100% natural and home-grown, the modern Hunzukutz today rely on processed foods. The traditional dishes are ones served on special occasions only.

Apricot Kernel Nutrition Facts:

According to Agricultural Research Service United States Department of Agriculture, 100 grams of apricot kernel contains an estimated 884 calories, 6 grams Saturated fat, 29 grams Polyunsaturated fat and 60 grams Monounsaturated fat. It has no Cholesterol at all. Approximately 10mg of B17 is found in each apricot kernel.

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