Hunza Cultural Festival 2017

Hunza Cultural Festival is Back

Hunza Cultural Forum (HCF) has been organizing the Hunza Cultural Festival every year for people of Hunza living in the twin cities. The event has been regularly held since 2009; only with exception of 2013 where it was canceled due to the demise of multiple armed force personnel from Hunza in an accident on Karakoram Highway.

Passu Suspension Bridge

Paradise is in Pakistan, and it’s fighting!

Though some of the inhabitants of the villages and small towns here still live in stone and mud houses, you don’t see any poor people in the streets of Gojal. Of course you don’t see any obviously rich people either. Those who have money tend to spend it on the betterment of the community, and evidence of this can perhaps be found in the close-to-zero illiteracy rate among the new generation. Even the youngest children here grow up speaking two to three languages.

We Are What We Eat: Chai, Chapatis and the Taste of Home

Packing up his underwater gear, Matthieu Paley says goodbye to the sea-dwelling Bajau. After a weekend stop-over in Turkey to see his wife and sons, Paley travels to a place that has a special hold on his heart, the mountains of northern Pakistan. Over the coming weeks, we will be taking you with us as Paley travels the globe on assignment for National Geographic in search of our ancestral ties to the food we eat.

New Jamatkhana Inaugurated in Shishkat - a Attabad Disaster Hit Village in Upper Hunza

New Jamatkhana Inaugurated in Shishkat – a Attabad Disaster Hit Village in Upper Hunza

The resilient people of Shishkat village of Gojal Valley in upper Hunza have moved forward, leaving the agony and pain caused by the damming of the Hunza River caused by the Attabad landslide disaster. Today, hundreds of people gathered in Shishkat to attend the inauguration ceremony of the refurnished and repaired Jamatkhana (Community Center). The…