The mystery of Hunza Valley: Where people never grow old and sick

A typical Hunza Girl

Across the Hunza river near the border between China and Pakistan, there lies a series of towns known as the ‘oasis of youth’, and for more than one reason: people here live on average around 120 years old, rarely get sick and appearance is invariably young.

Ecstasy on the top of Hunza Valley – Hike to Hon Pass

Rakaposhi and Hunza Nagar valleys seen from Hon Pass

The Hon pass in The Hunza Valley has recently became a great place for both local and foreign adventure lovers. The view of the valleys of Hunza and Nagar, Ultar Peak, Lady Finger (Bublimuting), Rakaposhi, Diran Peak, Golden Peak (Spantik Peak) and other peaks from this place is truly spectacular.