EventsKeeping Tradition Alive - Hunza Cultural Festival is Back

The Hunza Cultural Forum (HCF) is back with its annual Hunza Cultural Festival. HCF has been doing this event annually since 2009, targeted for the diaspora of the greater Hunza – Shinaki (lower Hunza), Kanjut (central Hunza) and Gojal (upper Hunza). This is the first time that the event falls twice in the same year. In February, HCF organized a 2-day Hunza Cultural Festival at FBISE Auditorium, Islamabad.

It is a common thing that when people leave their hometown and move towards the big cities, they slide far away from the tradition and culture. With the passage of time, their own culture becomes strange to them. Hunza Cultural Forum, through the Hunza Cultural Festival, has been providing the youth an opportunity to see their cultural activities in action while getting a chance to practice it at the same time.

The annual Hunza Cultural Festival was held on 7th and 8th Feburary, 2015 at FBISE Auditorium, H8, Islamabad.Here are…

Posted by Hunza Cultural Forum on Monday, February 9, 2015

Hunza Cultural Forum (HCF) was founded by the leaders of Hunza in the twin cities with the objective to pass on the tradition to the newer generations and to celebrate the colors of culture of Hunza.  The event allows all Hunzukutz (people of Hunza) to participate in the event without any kind of regional or lingual bias. Hunza is home to speakers of 4 different and distinct languages in 3 of its regions which makes it a very diverse region compared to other districts in Gilgit-Baltistan. In such situations, keeping the event relevant could be more complicated but the organizers have been able to make it entertaining for all of its audience.

Api Xho Nut

Artists from Hunza performing Api Xho Nut

Over the years, Hunza Cultural Forum has developed from a handful number of people to a dedicated team of volunteers working in their relevant fields to make the event successful. The forum now consists of the founding members (elders who laid down the foundation of HCF) and the Event Management Team (EMT).

Jat Hir

Jat Hir in action

Hunza Cultural Festival, alongside featuring cultural dances and songs, also arranges local food stalls and traditional items like the Hunza traditional cap for men and women, embroidery work, dresses etc. Artisans and craftsmen from across Hunza display their stalls on both day of the event.

Khalid Abbas

Khalid Abbas performing at Hunza Cultural Festival 2014

Another feature of Hunza Cultural Festival is the HCF High Achiever’s Award which aims to appreciate high achievers from Hunza living the the twin cities. The award is given in two categories i.e. education and extra curricular activities. So far, some big names from the region like Samina Baig, Mirza Ali and Diana Baig have received the award.

This year, many artists from Hunza including  Shahid Aktar Qalandar, Khalid Abbas and Islam Habib will entertain the audience. It is a perfect event for the youngsters and families living in Rawalpindi and Islamabad to spend one weekend in the year knowing and celebrating their own cultural.

Hunza Cultural Festival – Event Details:

Date: 26 and 27th December, 2015

Venue: Ibex Club, Lake View Park, Islamabad

Entry Ticket: Rs. 50 for Students, Rs. 100 for adults.


Please note that this event is only for Hunzukutz. To avoid any trouble, make sure to keep your CNIC with you.

For details, stay tuned to their Facebook Event Page.