EventsHunza Cultural Festival 2017

Hunza Cultural Forum (HCF) has been organizing the Hunza Cultural Festival every year for people of Hunza living in the twin cities. The event has been regularly held since 2009; only with exception of 2013 where it was canceled due to the demise of multiple armed force personnel from Hunza in an accident on Karakoram Highway.

This year, Hunza Cultural Forum (HCF) is supported by Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA), who will bring more Wakhi centric content to the event alongside being a major stakeholder of Hunza Cultural Festival for the very first time.

Hunza Cultural Festival 2017 will be held at Ibex Sports Club, Lake View Park, Islamabad on 14th and 15 January 2016.

As usual, Hunza Traditional Band and Hunza Classical Group will play the magical folk tunes of Hunza. This year, music students from Bulbulik will also perform on both days.

Other major performers and artists include Sherbaz Khan, Darvesh Ali, Azeem Hunzai, Islam Habib and RJ Zohaib among many others.

Hunza Cultural Festival

More than 32 artists will perform in four different languages at Hunza Cultural Festival.

An estimated fourteen thousand people from different valleys of Hunza are settled in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. About 3500 people are expected to attend the event over a period of two days.