EventsHunza Cultural Festival Concludes in Islamabad

The 2015 edition of Hunza Cultural Festival concludes in Islamabad with performances by some well known artists from Hunza. The 2-day long cultural event was organized by Hunza Cultural Forum (HCF) under the slogan “keeping tradition alive’.

The event is organized every year and is open for all Hunzokutz living in the twin cities.

Day one of the event was relatively less engaging as it’s a work day for many. The second, however, had a huge turn out. The event was streamed online for people of Hunza living outside the twin cities.

The event had a mix of songs, dance performances, traditional skits and speeches. Some of the famous artists who entertained the audience included Ustaad Sherbaz Ali Khan, Shah Akhtar Qalandar, Ali Aman Gojali, Khalid Abbas, Majid Lahori, RJ Zuhaib, DW Baig, Niaz Habib Hunzai, Azeem Hunzai, Nawab Sarkar and Naveed Vitto who sang songs in Burushaski, Wakhi and Shina languages. Niaz Habib also performed a song in the vanishing Domaki language. Domaki is mostly spoken in Mominabad, Hunza.

The traditional dances included Jat Hir and Api Xho Nut.

A Hunza traditional band from Mominabad took the charge on instruments along with the Hunza Classical Group.

Governor of Gilgit-Baltistan, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, also participated in the event on day 2. He appreciated efforts of Hunza Cultural Forum in keeping the tradition alive.

High Achievers Award were given in education and sports categories. A Life Time Achievement Award was bestowed upon Shah Khan, the last surviving hero of War of Independence of Gilgit-Baltistan.

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