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Like many Muslims nations that celebrate Eid al Adha (the feast of sacrifice following Abrahamic tradition), Ismaili Muslims in Hunza also celebrate the day with great religious zeal but perhaps with a slightly different tradition. In Hunza, the sacrificial animals are gathered at one place in the Mohallah, usually at a place near the Jamatkhana (a religious gathering place for Ismailis). The animals are sacrificed and the sacrificial meat is equally distributed among the residents of the Mohallah.

Many people on social media took this as a positive tradition because it provides every member of the community with equal amount of share in this Abrahamic tradition. One post went viral on Facebook and was quickly picked by independent blogs. However, many other Muslims, like the fundamental Sunnis, see this differently.

According to the Sunni traditions of Eid al-Adha, a person offering a sacrifice may consume, without any restrictions, any amount of meat he may desire. He may likewise give away, or offer in charity any amount he may wish. Some scholars say that one may eat half, and give away the other half in charity, while others say that the meat be divided into three parts. Of these one may keep a part, distribute a part, and give in charity the third part. [Source]

Here are two recent videos of Eid ul Adha celebrations in Karimabad and Altit, Hunza.

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