Hunza Through Foreign EyesThe Hidden Kingdom of Hunza Valley

The Hunza Valley is one of my favorite places on earth. The mountains are mysterious and almost mystical. I like going there in August or September to eat fresh apricots just harvested, drink the spring Hunza water from the glacier, taste the Tumoro tea to heal my body and soul. And above all sharing moments with the amazing Hunza people.

For my second trip, I went to the Ultar glacier, Rakaposhi, Naltar, Passu Suspension bridge and many more places around the Hunza Valley that tremendously amazed me.

I booked a tent at the Serena Baltit Inn Hotel. When I wake up, I can admire the orchard, flowers and the mountains surrounding the valley.

My journey wouldn’t have been perfect without the precious help of Karim of Active Tours Pakistan, Musa of Hidden Paradise Tours and Ghazi of Sujo Hunzo, and many others.

Going there was like a call that I can’t explain. I thought the purpose was to make short films to show the power of these places to the world. Here is the link of my first video :

and there will be many more to come!