Hunza Through Foreign EyesThomas de Dorlodot Paragliding in the Hunza valley

Hi all, we are back to civilization after 20 days into the high mountains of the great Karakoram, Pakistan. Today Islamabad looks like New York! I had a great welcoming by the Red Bull Pakistan crew. I can finally sleep in a real bed and leave my dry food for the next expeditions… They even get us a personal driver taking us around the city. This really feels like luxury after having spent 3 weeks walking on a glacier, sleeping in our gliders and and taking showers in frozen rivers… I am glad to let you know that we did the first crossing of Hispar, Biafo and Baltoro glaciers on a « bivouac style ». My friends Ramon Morillas, Simon Elias and I travelled around 300km on foot or flying our paragliders from Hunza to Hushé. We reached 7250m flying, climbed a 5364m virgin peak, slept 4 days in a cave waiting for better conditions and flew the all length of Baltoro all the way to the K2! I have lost 8kg on the way and I am exhausted but very happy. We really lived a very intense trip. Again I was amazed by the hospitality of the locals, we were invited to their houses and to share their meal on many occasions. It was such a relieve to see Hushé appearing on the horizon on my last day. I was very glad to see all my friends again, Apol Ali, Hussein, Ali Madad. Here is a shot I took above the Concordia, during one of the most incredible flight I have ever done. I will soon write a full story about this incredible adventure.

Stay tuned, Tom.

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