Hunza Through Foreign EyesTom de Dorlodot Paragliding in Hunza

Hi all,

A great one is about to start. We arrived in Islamabad 2 days ago. I am now with the team getting ready to travel North to the high mountains of the Karakoram. We are refueling the O2 cylinders for high altitude flights, buying dry food, and spending hours on Google earth, analyzing landing on the glaciers of Hispar, Biafo and Concordia. Why ? Because we are about to go for a first crossing of 280 km of ice from Hunza the the K2, the second highest peak in the world. Its a project or call it a dream we have since we first saw it on a map 3 years ago… Here is our plan: Leave Hunza flying with all the necessary gears (sleeping bags, crampons, axe, ropes, food for many days, etc) fly as far of possible inside the Hispar glacier, land and start to walk, sleep on the ice, climb a mountain, take off and so on all the way to the K2. We are hoping to do it in less than 2 weeks. 3 guys are taking part: Ramon Morillas (pilot), Simon Elias (mountain guide) and I. We also have a prod team on the ground (Mariano and Sebas). We take care of Simon in the air and he will watch out for crevasses once on the ground. We will fly at altitude up to 7000m and walk on the glacier at 4000m. We are crossing fingers for good conditions as it has been pretty bad lately. There is a lot of fresh snow.

This would all be perfect if Vueling did not lost my brand new paraglider and part of my mountain gears on a flight from Brussels to Barcelona the other day… We have no news of the bag so we had to organize a plan B. My mate and SEARCH team member, Horacio Llorens, sent me his flying gears (Aspen4, Sup’Air Delight, Red Bull helmet) through DHL on friday. Thanks to him! It should arrive in a few days. I am a bit scared of customs here. Let’s hope it all works out.

After reaching the K2, the plan is to climb and cross the Gondogorola pass and fly down to Hushé, our second home where we will spend a few more weeks. There we will intend to fly as high as possible and land on high virgin peaks… Stay tuned, it will be a great one!

I wish you all the best,

Fly safe, be good. : )