From Hunza with LoveHunza MusicHunza Music during Ginani Festival at Baltit Fort

Hello everyone,

it took me over three long years to finally come up with the Hunza Music Blog. Partly I have been lazy and partly because I was trying to make things work the I wanted them to be. But the good part is, some of these things are now in place and I can now move forward with the idea that had once pushed me to start this very blog.

Three years ago when I had started, there was hardly any authentic music streaming websites that were dedicated to promote and display music from the Hunza region in Gilgit-Baltistan. Although websites like did exist for over a decade now, there hasn’t been any proper effort in providing the users with the services they are always looking for. One problem with the internet is that if you have started with an idea today, four years from now it would be obsolete. The technological aspects change with such a pace, if you don’t stay with the flow, you are outdated and eventually disappear from the scene.

Folk musicians from Hunza valley

Left to right: Myself, Damal player Saeed Alam, MMA star Ehtisham, folk singer Azeem Hunzai, MMA star Uloomi Karim, Hunza Classical Group founder and Dadang player Ghazi Karim, Aslam Shah, Sultan Ali and Nauman Ahmed Hunzai.

Back to the topic. Although FolkVirsa will provide us with crucial insights about user behavior, this blog will in no way be dependent of FolkVirsa. I am very much sure the statistics from FolkVirsa will help expand various topics and provide you with the kind of content you would like to see in the coming days.Fortunately, here are Centangle Interactive, we were able to start a music streaming website that would address most of the issues, if not all, that a common music listener faces. We call it FolkVirsa. Although the focus here is to promote all sorts of folk music from different countries, we will be having a dedicated section for music from Hunza. It would feature the music of artists from Hunza without any lingual restrictions. For now, we have Burushaski, Shina, Wakhi and even a few Domaki tracks in line to be published. We are hoping to formally sign more and more artists and populate the website with your favorite artists.