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A very happy Nowruz to everyone reading All Things Hunza blog.

The people of Hunza valley, among others in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral, celebrate the Persian new year with great zeal. The celebrations are quite different from what are observed in modern day Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan etc but Hunza has been able to keep this tradition alive throughout centuries.

21st March has been observed a holiday across Hunza until recently when the region strictly started following the Pakistani calendar of holidays. The day often starts with prayers followed by meeting relatives and friends. Special dishes are prepared among which the most popular one is a mixture of black chickpeas, black cow peas, and black broad peas. Women and girls also swing and sing songs. The men and boys dance on traditional tunes in gatherings held specially to celebrate Nowruz.

Here is a song on Nowruz by a blind singer from Hunza which was written by the late Allama Nasir Hunza, father of Burushaski language.

Nowruz Mubarak!