Uninspired by his business studies, Matthieu undertook a 3-month expedition to western Mongolia in 1998, living off dung fire and mutton fat. He has worked as a photographer ever since. Besides a bowl of spicy noodles, he also loves to communicate and speaks 6 languages, including Urdu and tongue-twisting Wakhi.

We Are What We Eat: Chai, Chapatis and the Taste of Home

Packing up his underwater gear, Matthieu Paley says goodbye to the sea-dwelling Bajau. After a weekend stop-over in Turkey to see his wife and sons, Paley travels to a place that has a special hold on his heart, the mountains of northern Pakistan. Over the coming weeks, we will be taking you with us as Paley travels the globe on assignment for National Geographic in search of our ancestral ties to the food we eat.