Hunza Valley

There has been a lot of mystery about Hunza valley, its people, the traditions, and the indigenous organic food. All these rumors and myths about Hunza valley are a result of the valley being not well connected to the rest of the world for centuries.

Lying amidst the mighty Karakoram range, Hunza is a 10,000 square kilometers region comprising of many smaller valleys. Since its establishment, it remained a princely state until 1974, when it was formally made part of Pakistan through a special agreement. Hunza is a separate district of Pakistan with its administrative center in Aliabad.

Hunza is usually divided into three regions. Lower Hunza, Central Hunza, and Upper Hunza. Lower Hunza is Shina speaking majority, Central Hunza is Burushaski speaking majority while Upper Hunza is Wakhi Speaking majority.